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And do you believe for a moment K really had anything to do with writting any song about Stevie?

But, but, but Lindsey SAID his wife/Kristen Buckingham co-wrote those songs. He wouldn’t lie, sheesh! She’s obviously a very talented woman, even in the area of music which she once professed to know nothing of. I mean, she even sequenced a record for him, bless!!! And Stevie LOVED that album. <3

I don't get why Stevie said all the chemistry between her and Lindsey was "fake" on the Unleashed tour. I mean, after your series of photos from that tour and all the huge genuine smiles we see from her during that time it sure doesn't seem fake.

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I find it terribly amusing that that tour is the one she specifically labels ‘fake’ when everyone points to it as having the least SnL interactions and happiness. So, what was being faked!? Somehow I don’t think them rubbing their bums together was something they sat down to discuss so they could ‘fool’ ‘shippers’, lol. You’ll noticed as soon as they stopped ‘faking’ (for 2013’s tour) the interaction, happiness, comfort, banter went right UP. But yeah, anyway, the idea that that tour was some big fest of ‘neutrality’ is, frankly, bullshit. They may have felt neutral about the TOUR (especially in the beginning and especially Stevie) but about each other? Nah. It’s part of the same old game they’ve been playing since the mid-nineties. The PATTERN. Which finally they seem to have decide to permanently break. Thank god. They had their lines to sell and they sold them.

argument/breach > talk/reconciliation > tour > argument/breach > talk/reconciliation etc > tour

Lindsey's Poem and Go Insane 2006

Lindsey Buckingham • Go Insane


Poem written about Stevie Nicks by Lindsey Buckingham.  Recited as an intro to Go Insane from 1992-2007.

The world was calling you away and your leaving was just a way of staying with what you had come to say, 

This pain was a poem, slowly written, torn from the book and cast into a corner in the attic, where no one could look, 

This rage for all to see, caught fire and burned all around me till there was nothing left to burn, 

Now I stand alone in these attic bones and re-read that poem, all yellowed with age,

Tears heal such as healing is, so I cast that page into the ashes and there is no blame, only shades of regret, 

and those too will fade…

as the world calls me away.


Related quotes by LB through the years-

On the world calling her away- ”She (Stevie) was more or less selected by the world to do a job. She did what she had to do and that’s all there is to it.” 1984

When asked why they broke up: “Stevie, at some point her persona onstage was latched onto and she was in a sense called away by a larger world and separated on her own from me.”- Sound Opinions August 2013


On pain: ”Even when we first joined, Stevie and I were in some sort of a transition,” says Buckingham. And there was never a point where there wasn’t this underpinning of psychological torment.” 1997
 "In the 12 years I was involved in the band, there was so much baggage and whatever was going on behind the scenes with the couples. It was all masked by a certain level of pain. Various levels of pain, quite a bit at times."  1997 

Has the pain not yet dissipated? “I don’t think it ever will,” he says. “In some ways, that makes it more bittersweet.” 2003

On anger: “I’ve known Stevie since I was 16 years old. I was completely devastated when she took off. And yet I had to make hits for her, I had to do a lot of things for her that I really didn’t want to do, and yet I did them. So on one level I was a complete professional in rising above that, but there was a lot of pent-up frustration and anger towards Stevie in me for many years.” 2003

On his temper: “Some of it was situational. You’ve got to understand, it was very difficult for me to have Stevie break up with me and to still be in a band with her, to never get a sense of closure. It took its toll emotionally.” 2013

On the meaning of the song Go Insane: “We were disintegrating as couples, by virtue of that, we were suffering as people.  So in order to get work done, I had to go through this elaborate  exercise in denial- leaving whole areas of baggage on the other side of the room, compartmentalize feelings.. no time to get closure, to work things out.. working in a very highly charged and ambivalent environment. So the go insane thing- would just be whenever I let my guard down and got back to all the things I hadn’t dealt with, it was almost like going insane- like I always do.  Took a long, long time, working in an artificial environment on a personal level.  So many things not worked through for a long, long time." 4/2008

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I think there was always something between me and Lindsey, but nobody in that band [Fritz] really wanted me as their girlfriend because I was just too ambitious for them. But they didn’t want anybody else to have me either. If anyone else in the band started spending any time with me, the other three would literally pick that person apart. To the death. They all thought I was in it for the attention. These guys didn’t take me seriously at all. I was just a girl singer, and they hated the fact that I got a lot of credit [after the breakup of Fritz, Stevie and Lindsey chose to stay together as a duo, calling themselves Buckingham Nicks.] We started spending a lot of time together working out songs. Pretty soon we started spending all our time together and… it just happened.

Stevie Nicks for Rolling Stone Magazine, 1977 (via christineperfect)