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The key thing that seemed to be missing was palpable camaraderie. Each lead singer stayed in his or her own space each time they sang. There were no sparks or even darts between Buckingham and Nicks, whose romantic tension has fueled Fleetwood Mac to superstardom since they joined the long-lived British/American band in 1975. To be sure, there were a couple of times on Tuesday when they turned toward one another — though they stood a good 20 feet apart — and sang pivotal lyrics as if they meant them. She was shooting lasers at him during “Silver Springs” as she proclaimed, “I know I could have loved you but you would not let me.”

Maybe a more telling moment about their relationship and this night came during “Landslide,” which is essentially a duet for them. Buckingham crept closer to Nicks than usual and when she hit the high note on “snow,” she rolled her eyes in disbelief that she could actually reach that note. He broke into a smile and suddenly there was an exchange of genuine emotion between them — even if their grasping of hands at the end seemed as much about showbiz as deep fondness.

I hate I wasted $800 on the Christine show. Wish I could get a refund. I knew this was going to happen and that’s not what I signed up for as a fan.

Jon Bream, Star Tribute. Full review [x] (via buckinghamnicks-ff)

Have you read Lindsey and Stevie's astrology charts? It said that their sun signs are perfect for each others but it's just his venus in Scorpio that makes him intense and passionate. He can also be jealous, secretive and controlling and a shared neptune afliction which was their downfall "created problems with boundaries, trust and clarity."

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Um, no, I haven’t. Can I be blunt here and probably piss off a lot of people? I don’t buy into astrology. At all. I think predictive horoscopes are next to useless, and I don’t think your star sign is a particularly good indicator of your personality or relational qualities. Not more than anything else, anyway. I think it’s fun enough to look at but I think they’re crazy fallible and horoscopes are vague/generalised for a good reason (honestly, the highlight of my linguistics class at university was examining how they’re put together and read). It’s easy to read something into anything and while I think that description above is perfectly adequate, I don’t give astrology charts and readings (especially as there’s a whole lot of non-standardisation in it all) a whole lot of validity.

Sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I do appreciate your thoughts on it, however. I just don’t give it any credence so apologies for that.


Actually, your SUN sign is not the indicator. There’s a whole chart and personal planets and a lot of other things that go into it. No offense, I just crack up at the people who don’t ‘believe in’ (astrology is a science - not something you believe in) use the whole a ‘star’ sign can’t tell you anything as the basis for their non ‘belief’.

And Sun signs alone have nothing to do with being perfect for each other. Libra and Gemini are a trine (harmonious) and that’s about it. It’s the personal planets and a whole myriad of other things that give you an idea of what the two are dealing with in a relationship - just helpful information.

Elizabeth has great worries about becoming a cripple because her feet sometimes have no feeling in them. She asked if I would stop loving her if she had to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. I told her that I didn’t care if her legs, bum and bosoms fell off and her teeth turned yellow. And she went bald. I love that woman so much sometimes that I cannot believe my luck. She has given me so much.

Richard Burton (via burtonsfuriouslove)